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the lar◆gest price c〓ut in our store this● year. The turno●ver and visitor nu●mbers h

ave both ri○sen by over thirty ○percent."A co●nsumer say〓s, "I want to buy

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ore◆ is offering a p◆romotion and I ca◆n save more than 2●,000 yuan."Stores i◆n Qingd

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imilar ■promotion ac●tivities. ◆Among all pr〓oducts, ai■r conditioners h◆ave the biggest ■discount of up◆ to 3,000 yuan●.The new round of pr○ice cuts co○mes after a fa〓ll in market d〓emand and 〓production● costs. The glob○al financial cris■is is cooling d◆emand and allow●ing produc?/p>

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s ●in storage.

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T○he price decreas●e for raw material■s, especia●lly for TVs and◆ air conditio〓ners, has lowered ma〓nufacturing cos●ts.Dong Guifeng, Qin■gdao Suning, sa?/p>

駓s, "the price o◆f coppe

r fell●s to 27-

producers, h◆ow much it ○will help consumers●. They also worri〓ed th
at pro

thousand yua●n per ton ■from 70-thousan〓d yua

n per ton. Th○e cost of a

d●ucers may raise p■rices fo

●ir conditione■rs has fallen ◆by an average ●of two hundr〓ed yuan."Ma●rket competition ◆is expected to he●at up after March.

r ◆new applia●nce model. All this● could mean t●he real

I◆t's also set to ben■efit consumers and i○ncrese consum〓ption. BEIJING,〓 Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- ■For 10 years, 〓the most valuable h●ousehold a〓ppliance in

benefit t◆o consumers will be○ much less● than ten perce●n

her〓dsman Chaolu'●s home in north C●hina's Inner Mo●ngolia was the● 14-inch TV se●t, purchased when h■e earne

t. Related stori●es:Home applian●ce manufactur■ers and dealer

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